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No Wax - No gel - No twisting

These dreadlocks are designed to be long lasting and gorgeous from day one! 


I love creating dreadlocks just about as much as I love wearing my own!

The method I use is a combination of back-combing and crocheting with a tiny hook

in a way that forms instantly beautiful dreadlocks. 

Whether having dreadlocks is something that you've been wanting for many years,

or if it's a new idea that you're totally set on, I'm here for you!

So just say YES already!

-Lindsey Kate, She Leif Dreadlock Studio-



I am a Professional Dreadlock Artist and the creator of She Leif Dreadlock Studio. I am a certified Seienstyle Affiliate & a member of the Dreadlock Artist Collective. I am a proud mother of 4 amazing and crazy children and someday I'm hoping to start a U-Pick farm and become a certified Doula.


After dreaming of my own dreads for over a decade, I started my first set of locs by following a DIY video online. Fast forward a year later, after countless hours invested into proper training, I brushed out my dreads and had them restarted by a professional. (For photos and epic story: click here)


There is a deep level of beauty that surrounds this kind of transformation and my goal is to help you create the hair that you've been dreaming of. I will be here to support you and coach you all along the way as you embark on your own dread journey. 


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