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Being a dreadhead myself I completely understand that you care a LOT about your dreadlocks. They're your babies, I get it! Mine are very important to me too, which is why I make it my mission to make sure your dreads are created and treated with extra special care. 


I have spent countless hours practicing and training to be able to provide you with the best dreadlock services. 

For a year I was taught and mentored by world-famous, Ann-Marie Christell of Seienstyle. It's been such a pleasure to learn from her and achieve my goal of becoming a Certified Professional loctician and Seienstyle Affilate.

I know that my training will never fully be complete and that there will always be new ways to grow and refine my skillset. This is why I do all I can to further my training whenever possible. I have attended two 'Level-Up Your Skills: Dreadlock Workshops' hosted by Ann-Marie Christell of Seienstyle & Alin Leslie of DollyLocks; also extra training from Chrissa Rajczy of Rebel Rebel Salon and Liz Kidder of Liz Kidder Studio. I respect and admire the expertise of all these women, as well as dozens of other extremely talented locticians from around the world, and I'm blessed to have their friendship.

I know that choosing a loctician can be a very big and personal decision and I would be honored to be able to earn your trust and help you create the dreadlocks of your dreams. 

At She Leif Dreadlock Studio I promise to respect you as my client. I will help to coach you towards the style of dreadlocks that will be right for you and teach you the best ways to care for your dreadlocks at home. My goal is to help you feel empowered and confident with your new hairstyle and provide you with all the support you need as you embark on this new journey in your life. 

What is Seienstyle?

Meet my mentor: Ann-Marie Christell

"Over the past 23 years, I have been traveling all over the world to learn different dreadlock techniques and with time I have developed “Seienstyle’s technique of doing dreadlocks”.

I have clients from all over the world that come to get their hair done with this special technique!


The method that I have developed works like this - I start by tying a synthetic fiber thread close to the scalp and then the dread builds up by me backcombing and crocheting the hair together with the help of a unique crocheting technique to the desired shape that you want.


This technique works on all types of hair, it doesn’t matter if you have typically thin Scandinavian hair, Asian, Latin or if you have Afro hair, this method works on everybody!"

                                                                                                                           -Ann-Marie Christell, Seienstyle


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