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Caring for your Dreadlocks at Home

The amount of home-care you are willing to do with your dreadlocks will make a big impact on the way your dreadlocks mature and the kind of experience you will have along the way. Whether your dreadlocks are brand new or years along their journey, these are my best recommendations for caring for your dreadlocks at home and in-between your professional maintenance sessions.

New Dreadlocks

  • Washing your hair: After having new dreadlock installed it is best if you wait to wash your hair for the first time for an absolute minimum of 10 days. The ideal waiting period is 2-4 weeks. This is so that your hair can begin to understand the shape that I have set it into and want to stay that way. Think of this as the "training-period" for your hair.

  • Please find and purchase a clarifying, residue free dreadlock shampoo to use from now on. I recommend DollyLocks Organic Dreadlock products. You can find and purchase these on the DollyLocks website. Contact me directly for a 10% off code! After your first wash it is good to get into a steady washing routine (washing 1-2 times a week). Washing your dreadlocks will help to keep them fresh and clean and healthy. You don't want to have dirty/oily dreadlocks because this will inhibit the natural dreadlocking process. Clean dreads are happy dreads! 

  • When you are washing your hair focus on applying the soap to your scalp and roots. You do not need to regularly apply soap to the body of your dreads. Start by dividing your hair into 4 sections and work with one scction at a time (top, left side, right side, back) Make sure that after you wash that you RINSE VERY WELL! if you think you've rinsed enough, rinse again! Lift your dreads and rinse, rinse, rinse! Do not leave any soap in your dreads.

  • Your dreadlocks will hold a lot of water, especially while they are new. Do your best to squeeze out the water after washing and then you can wrap your hair into a fresh, clean towel. Wear this for around 10-20 minutes. You can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process if you wish. 

  • Check your sections. Especially after washing it is normal to find that the tiny hairs near your scalp have decided to attach themselves to a nearby dreadlock. This is sometimes called "webbing". Run your fingers along your part lines and pull away all the loose hairs that are going the wrong way.

  • PALM ROLLING: Palm roll your dreadlocks from root-to-tip once a day for the first two weeks. After this please get into a habit of palm rolling at least once each week or each time you wash. 

  • Stretch & Smooth your dreadlocks. This will help keep your dreads long and prevent bumps and lumps. 

  • Purchase and use a satin pillow case to sleep on. This greatly reduces the amount of friction on your dreads as you move around in your sleep. 


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