Why Are Consultations Important?

Getting dreadlocks is something that is very personal. There may be something that you feel is driving you towards getting them, or perhaps something that has been holding you back from it. I will do all I can to listen to your desires and concerns and help coach you and support you as you begin this new journey.

Having a detailed consultation is essential to beginning your dreadlocks. There are many things that I need to understand about your hair (care/color history, texture, length, etc) before I can give you any kind of estimate. There is also much to discuss about all the proper home care and maintenance that will help you to have a positive and fulfilling dreadlock experience.

It is best that we have our consultation face-to-face. I understand that meeting in person may not work for many of you due to distance or work so we may need to coordinate via email and/or video calls. 

What I Need From You:

  • Please visit my CONTACT page and use the submission form to begin our email consultation. This will send an auto-response to the email address you provided where you can send me the things listed below. *note* if you do not receive a response please check that the email address you provided was entered correctly, or check your spam folder.

  • Take some photos of your own hair to send me. Please use natural lighting and be sure I can get a clear view of your hair color. If you hold your hair to the screen, it needs to match the color in the picture. Here are the photos and angles I need to see: Front, Back, Side. Wear your hair down and in it's 'natural' state! Also please include a separate photo of your hair in a half pony (back angle) and finally a full pony tail with the photo taken from the side. 

  • If Inquiring about Maintenance/Repair: Please include close-up photos of any problem areas you would like to discuss.

  • If Inquiring about new dreadlocks: Collect a minimum of 2 dreadlock pictures that have inspired how you want your dreadlocks to be/look. Please label. (Consider elements such as sections, color, length, diameter, decorations, ends flowy/tapered/blunted, etc.) 


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