If you have been wanting long & flowy dreadlocks but don't have enough hair length yet, then you may want to consider getting some dreadlock extensions. There are two main kinds that I offer:

Permanent human hair dreadlock extensions, and Temporary synthetic dreadlocks. 

Permanent Dreadlock


During my Seienstyle program I was trained extensively in creating very seamless and natural looking dreadlock extensions. This is done by using loose human extension hair and attaching it directly to the ends of your dreadlocks to create instant and long-lasting length. 

This can be done to match your hair color or fade into an ombre.

These extensions are intended to be a permanent attachment and can be washed and cared for the same as the rest of your dreadlocks.

Both new dreadlocks and mature dreadlocks can be extended using this method.

The attachment process for this kind of extension can be time consuming but SO worth the gorgeous results!

A full-head of dreadlocks with extensions requires a $75 deposit to be paid a minimum of ten days prior to your scheduled appointment. This is so I have ample time to purchase the correct shades of hair for your dreadlock extensions before your appointment.


Dreadlock Extensions

These are a really fun and low-commitment way to add volume, color and style to your dreadlocks that can also be removed and changed up as often as you wish!


These can also be braided into brushable hair for those who love the look of dreadlocks but aren't ready to lock up their own hair just yet. 


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