What to expect when you visit 

SHE LEIF Dreadlock Studio


It takes a great deal of time to create and install natural hair crocheted dreadlocks. The work I will do on your hair is intended to be a more permanent hairstyle and because of this I will do my very best to create hair that you will love for many years to come. Each client's anticipated appointment time will differ based on hair length, density and number of dreadlocks so please note the following time estimates:


Full head of dreadlocks - 8-12 hours (If you can tough it out - one session will do)

Full head + extensions - 18-23 hours (Depending on the length of your hair/extensions you will need 2-3 full day sessions)

Partial Dreadlocks - 4-7 hours (This estimate can vary based on how many dreads you're wanting)

Partial Dreadlocks + extensions - 7-10 hours (Optional double session)


Dreadlock Maintenance -3-6 hours (This estimate is really based on how many dreadlocks you have and how much maintenance you need. Please contact me to receive a more accurate and personal estimate.)

Add extensions - 10-16 hours (Again, this estimate will vary a lot depending on what you're looking to have done. Please contact me for a more accurate and personal estimate.)

These times are generic and may not reflect your personal time estimate.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!


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