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Live session with a dreadlock professional for just $39

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Your personal dreadlock journey is UNIQUE!

I designed this Home-Care Session with YOU in mind! 

I understand what it's like to have a long list of questions about dreadlocks. During my time as a loctician as well as the years I've worn my own dreadlocks I have come to know a lot of different techniques and tips that I would like to use to guide you through your own dreadlock questions and concerns.

Join me for a one-on-one video call where we can discuss all your needs and I can coach you through some proven concepts including:

-Which hair/dreadlock products will be best for your hair type and your place along your dread journey. (Many of which I have tried and tested myself!)

-Washing and rinsing secrets that will keep your dreadlocks strong, healthy, fresh, and residue-free!

-Discussing your personal dreadlock concerns with ways you can remedy them.

-Simple techniques for creating the length and smoothness you want in your dreadlock bodies.

-Hand rolling your roots to keep them tidy. Products and tools to improve your effectiveness.

-All about dreadlock detox! Why it's important, what to use, how often.

-Attaching temporary dreadlocks into your existing dreadlocks.

-Braid-in technique of temporary dreadlocks in your brushable hair.

-Learning to embrace all the different aspects of your dreadlock journey and feeling confident in learning to maintain the health and life of your dreadlocks at home!

Fill out the form below to register for your session.  Feel free to also include your specific dreadlock questions! After you send your registration information I will contact you with the soonest available session times and a checkout link. 

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