Maintenance & Repair

Getting professional maintenance regularly will help you to keep your dreadlocks on the right path as they mature. Also, something that I have noticed myself is that having regular root clean-up helps to keep my scalp happy and healthy.


As your hair grows your roots can become like a heavy blanket on your head which makes it difficult for your scalp to breathe. You may feel that your scalp is more itchy or oily (and messy!) when your new growth gets long. 


How frequently you choose to get professional maintenance is a personal decision and one that I will respect. I do recommend that if you have newly established dreadlocks that you plan to have professional maintenance every 2-3 months for the first year. At that point your dreads will have matured to a point that you may not feel that you need to come in that often. However I understand that each dreadhead will have different needs and may not need/want professional maintenance as often. Depending on the progression of your dreadlocks we can work together to determine the best maintenance schedule for you. As an absolute minimum I recommend that you have professional dreadlock maintenance once a year.

What to expect at a Routine Maintenance


When you come in for a routine maintenance I will begin by removing your root-tie (if you have them) backcomb your roots, and then install a fresh root tie. The rest of your maintenance will be done with a fine-tooth comb and a crochet hook. I will finish your maintenance with a DollyLocks Tightening gel or spray. If you would prefer to not use a root tie during your maintenance then I would be happy to do that for you too; although please be aware that this form of maintenance typically doesn't last as long as with the root tie.

Repair work

Lumps, loops holes, breakage, etc, I know that life happens and sometimes it can take a toll on your locs. But don't worry if you feel like the worst has happened to your dreadlocks, it can likely be fixed! Let me know right away if you feel like you're having a big issue with your locs and I would be happy to help coach you in how to fix it at home or to get you in for a repair appointment. 


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