New Dreadlocks

As your loctician I will do my best to support you and coach you in your journey of becoming a dreadhead. Everybody has different dreams for their hair as well as different hair types; there isn't a 'one-size-fits-all' answer. This is my favorite part - where I get to create a set of dreadlocks that are designed just for you!

To begin dreadlocks I start by taking your hair into sections. These can either be square or triangular depending on your preference, but I  typically do a combination of both. These will be placed in a brick-lay pattern to help cover your scalp/partings and to acheive a look of fullness. 

Once I have determined your sections I will take a specially made, synthetic thread and tie it around your roots, very close to your scalp. Don't worry! This thread will not damage your hair! This root tie can actually help with the irritation and tension that is normally felt while your dreadlocks are being installed. Also, as your dreads grow out, it helps to keep all your baby/loose hairs to stay in their correct sections. Sometimes when dreadlocks grow out they can form into a flat, linguine noodle shape; the root tie causes your hair to dread naturally and grow in to a nice, round shape all on it's own! This can simplify your home-care routine and help you feel more confident between your professional maintenance sessions. 

Next I will back-comb your hair into a loose dreadlock shape and then use a small crochet hook to carefully weave your hairs around and through your dread to tighten and create that instantly beautiful look that you all love!

It is normal for this creation process to take a bit of time. The length and density of your hair will determine how long it takes to install your dreadlocks. To create a full head of dreadlocks it is normal to spend a few hours, up to a full day in the studio.

How many dreads should I get?


This can be a single dread, or 1-2 rows of dreadlocks.

Perfect for a fun summer style or if you've been interested in dreads but aren't ready to commit to anything yet. You can try out a few dreads to see how your hair responds and easily decide to keep them, add to them, or remove them if they're not right for you.

Partials or Half-head

Having dreams of dreadlocks but you aren't completely sure if they're for you? Maybe you love the look of dreadlocks but you arent ready to loc up all your hair just yet? Partial dreadlocks might be just right for you! This is also a really fun way to add some fullness to your hair without fully committing to dreadlocks. You can easily hide these (for work or wedding, etc) or remove these, but also just as easily go for a full head when you're ready!

Sometimes I recommend beginning with a half head of dreads for clients with a sensitive scalp and/or those who need to come in for 2 smaller appointments vs a full day install. 

Note: Most of my clients who have had partial dreadlocks feel that dreads are an "all or nothing" kind of deal. Want to read their reviews? Click Here


Let's do this - All of it!

You can choose to have all your hair made into dreadlocks or leave some fringe/bangs out around your face.


How to prepare your hair for New Dreadlocks

It is important that you begin to train your hair and your scalp for dreadlocks before you actually get them. It can be a big transition for your scalp and your sebaceous glands once you get your new dreadlocks. Here are some steps for you to follow from 3-4 weeks prior to your dreadlock installation that will help you have the best results.

  • Stop using conditioner and all other products designed to smooth your hair or make it silky. 

  • Begin washing your hair less often. Train your scalp to produce less oil by shampooing less often. 

  • Purchase a clarifying and residue-free shampoo. I recommend using the Dreadlocks Naturally Shampoo "Lock up Fast" (I also highly recommend purchasing all 4 of the products in this line for your complete dread care) A few other trusted brands include DollyLocks, Knotty Boy & Raw Roots. I also highly recommend doing a deep cleanse or detox. For some people this will be a mandatory recommendation.  

  • Do not color treat, bleach, or strip your hair. It is not advised to make dreadlocks on freshly treated hair. If you have already made an appointment for dreadlocks then you may need to reschedule if you have bleached or highlighted your hair. 

  • Purchase a satin pillow case to have ready for your first night of sleeping with your new dreads! (This is the secret to preventing extra fuzziness in your dreads.)


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